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Photo submission from Taylor Davis

Photo submission from Taylor Davis

Taylor sent us this photo 4 years ago. Here's the story behind the image:

In the second weekend of the 2011 archery season my good friend and I headed for the hills. That Saturday morning after getting busted walking into a herd of Elk that morning, we I set up on a wallow that afternoon. After calling for over an hour we sat down frustrated next to the wallow. After much whining and consuming an entire bag of trail mix we let out some of the wimpiest pathetic bugles we have ever done frustrated. And wouldn’t you know, from up on the hill came an answer. The bull was not very far away and we were scrambling. I set up on one side away from the wallow and my partner on the other. To my surprise the bull was even closer now bugling and crashing through the timber, and thankfully coming to my side! My partner didn’t know the Bull was that close so he starts walking up the hill to get in a better spot. I turn around and whisper “he is coming” and I get an “I know” back. As we both turn back towards the bull and there he was staring at us! He doesn’t know quite know what he saw so he keeps coming around me. I draw and my friend lays down the quickest 7 cow calls and finally he stops broadside at 20 yards. I nail him in the center of the body and he stumbles and runs off. Well he was only 80 yards away my first bull! The craziest part was that as I turned back to the bull my partner ended up lying on the ground and the rest of the time he called from there. Only a half mile pack out and we were happy campers, now it’s my buddy’s turn:)

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  • Submitted by: Taylor Davis
  • Residence: Bozeman, MT
  • Date Submitted: Jan. 1st, 1970