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Bill Farris, co-owner of Big Sky Archery

Bill's 2008 Alaskan black bear taken with a Hoyt bow and Easton Axis arrows.

Bill Farris Co-owner of Big Sky Archery

I have bowhunted and been in the archery industry for 27 years. My mission in operating this business is to provide knowledgeable, helpful and experienced support to fellow archery enthusiasts. We will never try to promote anything that we have not tried and proven field tough. We will try to give honest opinions of all products and provide a level of customer service that I would personally expect to receive. We strive to share our knowledge with you and give you the true pro shop experience you deserve, not just deliver another box store mentality that seems to exist in this fast paced world today. We will share our experiences and try to help you have the most successful hunt possible, whether it is in your backyard or around the world. Our goal will always be to have satisfied customers who do not question their equipment and are able to stay focused on their hunt. Good luck and send us pictures of your successful hunts!

Gabe Roffe, co-owner of Big Sky Archery

Huge bull for Gabe in 2007 taken with a Bowtech Bow and Easton arrows.

Gabe Roffe Co-owner of Big Sky Archery

I have been bowhunting for almost 22 years and have been in the industry for about 12 years. A few years ago, I got together with my partner Bill and convinced him that the Bozeman and Belgrade area needed a good archery pro-shop with people that truly knew what they were doing in the archery business. We decided that there needed to be a place where archery enthusiasts could come and get quality equipment , sized and tuned specifically for them, and quality pro experience and support to show them how to use the new equipment properly. With that in mind, we started Big Sky Archery and continue to strive to be the premier archery dealer not just in our local market but in the entire west. I thank you for coming to the site and I am sure we can get you going no matter what your archery needs are.